The importance of bwv in resolving complaints against officers

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There is an indication that ther e may have been a reduction in complaints against police officers when BWV is worn – and that the amount of p olice time that is required to deal with any complaints received is often less when BWV is worn. For example, in Rialto, CA, community member complaints against officers dropped by 88% after BWCs were deployed in the field (Ariel et al., ).

In Mesa, AZ, BWCs were associated with a 60% decrease in complaints against law enforcement (Mesa Police Department, ). Field tests of BWV in Britain have shown that police used the devices to keep records and record evidence, and that the devices were a uniquely effective bulwark against false complaints.

Body-worn video (BWV) is seen internationally as having the potential to reduce public complaints against police, police use of force, and attrition of prosecutions due to lack of physical evidence. I argue that within US geographic scholarship white privilege has become so widespread that more aggressive forms of racism, such as white supremacy, are often overlooked.

Wearing cameras was associated with dramatic reductions in use-of-force and complaints against officers. The authors conclude: “The findings suggest more than a 50%. Controlling Police Use of Excessive Force: dimensions are important for resolving situations without using excessive force citizen complaints.

As a consequence, they may appear to be the sole source of problems in police departments.

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The importance of bwv in resolving complaints against officers
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