Means are more important than end

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Means are more important than end This is a well- known proverb that we have heard many times. The ends are our goals and the means are the specific actions are take to achieve these goals.

End Goals vs. Means Goals

What the statement 'The End Justifies the Means' means to me is simply this: The 'End' simply means that it is the end of a complex or simple goal. 'Justifies the Means ' means that the ' End ' or goal is more important than how you got there. Means are more important than end This is a well- known proverb that we have heard many times.

The ends are our goals and the means are the specific actions are take to achieve these goals. This proverb is often misleading as it gives the idea that we can achieve this goal through any means. Please do not take examples of toilet or your to make the debate more are my views on the topic-Why the "Means to the end".

means is more important than end means dat the the final result is more doesn't matter how we hv achieved our goal.

Means are more important than end
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