Importance of induction and orientation

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The Importance of New Employee Orientation for Human Resources

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Induction gives your new employee an objective view of your company, organisational culture, and work ethic, which will allow the employee to better integrate into the workplace. Why is induction so important -.

A new employee orientation program is designed to help familiarize new hires with the way the company operates and the people they will be working with. During the new employee orientation, the. Diversity Workshop. Diversity Workshops are either half-day or full-day workshops focusing on different diversity and inclusion topics ranging from disability, age, culture, sexual orientation, unconscious bias, governance, bullying and harassment to wellness, flexibility and parental leave.

Induction Induction is the process for introducing a new employee to their work environment. It extends from the moment the prospective employee reads the advertisement for the position and fuses with their training and development as a part of the organisation.


Why Is Orientation Important to the Employees?

Most employers fully appreciate that the success of an organisation can hinge on its staff. But, finding the right number of employees with the necessary abilities and attitudes - and then keeping them - requires skills and knowledge which can sometimes be undervalued, overlooked or simply rushed.

Employee induction programs differs from company to company and also depends on the type of industry. Some view induction programs as a chance to welcome and support new employees, while other companies view the induction programme as a waste of time and hope that their new employees ‘hit the ground running’.

Importance of induction and orientation
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