Importance of distance education in india

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Distance Education in India: Its Need & Importance

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Distance Education in India: Its Need & Importance

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One helps them in staying updated about the finessing advancements and magazines. Nowadays, a wide variety of pedagogical innovations are used in school education.

This depends, first of all, on the traditions and status of the institution. Nevertheless, we can distinguish the following most prominent innovative technologies. Importance of Distance Education in India Asif Ahmed After independence, India had made tremendous progress in the field of education, though mostly quantitative in nature.

Distance learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. Although the internet has opened a series of doors for the world in general, it’s those who have trouble accessing an education that has embraced it most.

India’s government is also taking action in the importance of education in India, higher distance education, school education and how to become a social worker.

Distance education is the method of learning at one's own pace in one's own time, without the boundaries of the formal class room and without the formal presence of the teacher. Need and Importance of Distance Education The concept of distance learning has. However, India is facing a problem in the field of enrolment of students for higher education.

The low rate of enrolment is an outcome of unequal access, and more importantly lack of relevance.

Importance of distance education in india
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Importance of Distance Education in India