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History of General Motors

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General Motors

GM Sustainability Report. We’re committed to continuous improvement as we reduce the environmental impact of our vehicles and facilities. Learn More. Business. news. GM shuts down Holden production in Australia, bringing an end to the last car made there GM Holden Ltd., an Australian subsidiary of the U.S.

automotive giant, built its last. GM Holden Ltd, commonly designated Holden, is an Australian automaker that operates in Australasia and is headquartered in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

The company was founded in as a saddler manufacturer. In it moved into the automotive field, before becoming a subsidiary of the United.

Trustee Report for Holden Employees Superannuation Fund. y % p.a. for the period 1 October to 30 June for the Cautious* Option If you have forgotten your PIN, please call the Holden Super Helpline on for assistance.

Holden, formerly known as General Motors-Holden, is an Australian automobile importer and former automobile manufacturer with its headquarters in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

The company was founded in as a saddlery manufacturer in South Australia. GM launched the Chevrolet Captiva in Japan on 30 Julythe first GM model to be released there since the company's chapter 11 reorganisation in June Australia. Pre-facelift Holden Captiva. Facelift Holden Captiva 7.

Holden in Australia and New Zealand have sold the vehicle under the "Holden Captiva" name between November

Gm holden business report 2011 super
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